Thursday, April 24, 2014

Eagle's Schedule and Predictions.

They are subject to change depending on who they gain in the draft, trade and FA and who they lose due to release, trade or injury.
Week 1: vs Jacksonville Jaguars
Week 2: @ Indianapolis Colts
Tough luck....AHH THE PUNS. Anyway....its primetime. Plus, the Colts are home. I just dont see them losing this game. They have a good all around team and they just outweigh the Eagles by a small amount. Im thinking they take it for those reasons.
Week 3: vs Washington Redskins
Desean gets shut down. RG3 gets sacked 3 times. Score over 20 for each team....still a good game though.
Week 4: @ San Fran 49ers
The Eagles are usually a good team on the road and I believe they will be this year too. Its just not easy going across the country, then playing one of the best teams in the NFL right now. They match up well against us on both sides of the ball.
Week 5: St. Louis Rams
This game will be closer than a lot of people may think. The Rams arent that bad of a team at all...and have two top 15 picks this year, if they keep them. That being said, the Eagles win at home.
Week 6: vs NYG
After going 500 up until this point in the season...Im thinking they finally get a streak going here for primetime. Im just not worried about the Giants, unless Super Eli is revived this year.

Week 7: BYE WEEK
Week 8: @ Arizona Cardinals
Alright now this is getting a little out of hand. Yet, they continue to lose on the road here some how. The Cardinals want revenge for last year and this time the tables have turned. Another year under Bruce Arians will also help.
Week 9: @ Houston Texans
I see this year's Texans team, as last year's Eagles. Bad team with good players, drafting top 5 with new coach who came from college(although Bill O' Brien coached in the NFL prior and Chip Kelly did not)to revive a team that needs it a whole lot. However, the Eagles will take it to them as they need the win more at this time. It will be a tough one though for sure.
Week 10: vs Carolina Panthers
This is actually the toughest prediction Ive had to do so far. I will say this though. Even the DBs before the draft can keep up with their receivers as they are now...or even if they do draft well I dont think one guy and Jason Avant can really destroy Cary Williams, Bradley Fletcher and Brandon Boykin. Theyre good against the run as well and I dont see DeAngelo Williams tearing it up.
Week 11: @ Green Bay Packers
Last year was last year. This year they have Aaron Rodgers and probably have a similar feeling of revenge as the Cardinals did earlier. After a good game against the Panthers, they go against the determined, experienced Packers. It wont end well. But it will start a learning experience for the Eagles coaches and players. Im just being realistic.
Week 12: vs Tennessee Titans
Who cares? Its the Tennessee Titans...they dont have shit. They're bums. No worries. Im just being realistic.
Week 13: @ Dallas Cowboys
You really think that 'Murica's team is going to lose at THEIR stadium at THEIR GAME on 'MURICA's HOLIDAY? Nah....I know its hard for me to say too.....and I will be sad to see it. Im sure itll be entertaining. Voice your hatred and disowning for me in the comments below.
Week 14: vs Seattle Seahawks
The NFL is a very weird thing. Last year the team on a great winning streak got whooped by the inferior Vikings 48-20....this is the NFL, where shit happens. Why do I say that? Well...the Eagles get a lot of rest and the Seahawks have to travel across the country. Plus, they have a short week going into this game. Im thinking that maybe just MAYBE! The Eagles take advantage of that and they beat the Seahawks. I know for a fact, as of right now and after the draft, the Seahawks are a superior team all around. Not on December 7, 2014 though. If this was in Seattle though, no way the Eagles win. The Eagles use the fans and the Seahawks dreariness against them.
Week 15: vs Dallas Cowboys
Sweet, sweet revenge! The angry, confident Eagles take it to the Cowboys after an amazing win over the Seahawks the week before. Causing a split and tying with them for lead in the NFC East.
Week 16: @ Washington Redskins
After almost a full season of being with the new coaching staff and new players...the Redskins will be a much formidable foe this week than earlier. This time Desean Jackson fills up the stat sheet and the score board for the fans in his new home. That doesnt mean they win this game though.
Week 17: @ NYG
This will be a lot like the last game they played. Nothing to worry about....but again, if Super Eli shows up, it could end up a lot different.
Overall record: 11-5
NFC East Champions, 3rd seed in the NFC. Beats the Cowboys in the Wild Card. Wins against the 49ers in the playoffs. Loses in the NFC Championship game against the Seattle Seahawks. Creating the first Super Bowl since 1993-1994 that the same two teams play against one another back to back. I have the Broncos winning that one and Peyton Manning running away with his Lombardi Trophy while Eli looks on in jealousy, like this...

 I won two super bowls first, you know. Gosh!