Tuesday, August 18, 2015

My 5 Favorite NWA Songs

I planned on seeing "Straight Outta Compton" by now, but after a crazy work week mixed with having to go to the doctor, I haven't had the time. So, leading up to it, I wanted to have something to hold us all over that pertains to the band still. 

Some little things to go over beforehand(even though most people skipped this and then will complain why their song isnt on the list and I'll just give them the -_- face): Straight Outta Compton DOES NOT COUNT; this is just TOO obvious to be on there, I'm going to write about some other songs that I loved from them. Next, this will be songs SPECIFICALLY by NWA; there will be no mention of songs like Boyz-N-The-Hood or It Was A Good Day although I absolutely loved those as well. So, with that being said, LETS GET TO IT!!!

5. Fuck Tha Police
Now, dont get me wrong I loved it, this song had a crazy effect all around the world. I mean the first step of being something meaningful is getting banned in Australia, which it did. Fuck Tha Police puts a cop, who stands for the whole police department symbolically, on trial. When I first got into NWA, this was the second song I heard by them. I was going through a rebellious phase in my life so it kind of spoke to me. However, now that I'm older and I'm more aware of what was going on back then and the present, this song is still important. 

4. Gangsta Gangsta
So, the same time I was going through my rebellious phase, I started to go through my gangsta phase as well. Honestly, this, mixed with Get Rich or Die Tryin' turned me into the person I was at the time, as I was a easily influenced individual. However, Im not the only one it influenced, as many rappers, whether mainstream or not, have tried to sample it or remake it in some way. 

 So, this is incredibly accurate.

The song was big because it showed off their lifestyle growing up in Compton. Also, as you know, my nickname is Eazy and the "we wanna fuck you Eazy" "I wanna fuck you too" instantly grabbed me. 

3. A Bitch is a Bitch
Now, this song isn't as deep in meaning as "99 Problems" by any means, but it is still applying to the word and I dug it because it was at that time, I started seeing how some females have horrible attitudes for no reason. This song is for every guy that EVER met a female like this.  This describes different types of "bitches" and how we all know them. It also has a female believe the song is about her when it isnt....however, she goes on to prove she is one, by not listening to what Ice Cube is saying.
Yes, this was only Ice Cube on this song, so maybe you might think Im breaking my own rule, but I didnt, this song was ON Straight Outta Compton...so, nah...Im good :)

2. 100 Miles and Runnin'
Growing up, I just loved the sound of this. However, this song is actually a sequel to Fuck Tha Police and there are also some not so subtle shots taken at Ice Cube by Dre and MC Ren. This was right after Ice Cube decided to go on his solo career and obviously the team took some offense to this(which I cant blame him, I mean look at what Ruthless Records has done to rappers since). However, like I said, the sound of this song and being a follow up to FtP, made me love it!

1. Express Yourself 
Two things I love in music: A. mixing the present with the past, in samples B. Motivational music. This is both. Remember how I said Fuck Tha Police was banned in Australia? Yeah, after that happened, this song was played for 24 hours straight, to make a statement similar to what the song's message is. Now, as Fuck Tha Police is a message to the way blacks are tried and treated unfairly, etc. Express Yourself is about how the media treats them unfairly as well. The song is a message to rappers telling them to express themselves how they feel they should. This is why this song still means so much to me today, because even though Im no longer in a gangsta or rebellious phase per se, Im still a supporter of being yourself and saying what you mean/meaning what you say. 

So, something a little light because I was bored and was in the mood to write. What are your favorite songs by the group? Why did they mean something to you, when did you first hear the group?