Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Avengers: Age of Ultron Review


You should know by now I love the MCU movies; comic book movies in general, actually. So, I went to see AoU the day it came out, the first big movie that I haven't gone to a midnight release in a long time. I have to be honest, I might never go see a movie on a midnight release or at night in general, ever again. I went to see it at 3 PM and it was AMAZING. There were three people in the auditorium, other than my girlfriend and I. You know what that means? No one was near us, no one talked, no CRYING BABIES, no one on their phones....and if they were on their phones, I couldnt care because I couldnt hear them. Everyone that wanted to see it was ACTUALLY there, so no one was just there because they couldn't find shit to do. I loved it. Moving on, I have to write something ACTUALLY interesting after my horrible(not so bad but still not so good so on the internet that makes it rated horrible)mock draft, which was rushed, got like 10 views, since I didnt share it anywhere. I wouldnt like to say I need to stick to reviews but they are definitely my strong suit at the moment. So, while I work on improving my skills on other things, I'll continue to keep pushing out the stuff that everyone loves. 
Before I start, I wanted to mention something, I got yelled at by some random reader in a former article, that I spoil too much in my reviews and that I should either mention that there are spoilers in my review or try to leave them out altogether. See, this is because people dont think, "'s a guy who has seen/read/listened to something that I havent and about to write his thoughts on it and explain why he feels that way....perhaps I should hold back on reading this until I have also seen/read/listened to it as well."
Nah....not in the age of immediacy that we're in now. Though, I cant hate, I do want more readers and I do want it to be easy for readers to come and read a review without having to worry about me ending the world for them. So, in respect to all of those people, I have decided that I will no longer....