Thursday, December 25, 2014

Truth We Are (Music)


The Truth, residing in Texas is an up and coming rapper who is very skilled with lyrics and subject matter. Unfortunately, I kind of know writing this review, I have to give him a bit of tough love so I dont seem biased. Let it begin!!!

1. The Way I Fell In

A typical intro to an album. Truth is talking about what brought him into rap in the first place; how he got where he is today. What people inspired him and the steps it took him to get him as skilled as he is now. He doesnt shy away from showing his extended vocabulary and lyricism either. Although it isn't a new way to start an album, it isn't bad either...especially when you do it the way he did.

2. What They Deserve

This is his dedication to everyone who supports him from the beginning. A nice way to follow up the intro, as it kind of connects with it well.

3. Dont

This is the hardest part of the review I will have to write. No, it isn't because of what I feel about the song, as is.. it is the fact that I know EXACTLY up and down, left and right, inside and out, what/who this song is about and the fact that I went through every single part of this song as well. The confusion, the anger, the sadness. This is the hardest song to listen to as well as the one I go to listen to every time I turn We Are (Music) on. It is my favorite and least favorite song on the album. It's a song Im so appreciative that Tanner wrote and recorded, but a song I wish never had to be made. Im sure he feels the same.

4. Ease My Mind

This song seems to cover a bunch of different topics. What I got out of it was that his mind seems to be going through a ouroboros-like cycle and they start racing. You know how it seems that nothing seems to go your way and nothing seems to give. You want to change but it doesn't gets to the point where he feels like it's going to destroy him and that's why he's getting this message out. I could be wrong....but I feel that's what inspires this song was a night where he was feeling a bit of frustration with something in his life and he was over-thinking things; like one of those nights where you're just alone or lying in bed wide awake and have nothing else to do but let your mind race.

5. Dear Bailey

I dig the dedication to his girl, I'm sure she does too. I even dig how he sort of played it from her perspective as well. However, I am not so much a fan of the crooning he did to show it. It is a nice song to show us how he came to meet and become something great with one of the most important people in his life.

6. Raw

Not a huge fan of all that's going on in the beat. Not that it's bad but I do dig his lyricism he uses in the song.

7. Steez ft./ Myneiss

Bars....bruh....OHHH NOOOOOOO!!!! A simpler hook that allows you to focus more on the MUCH better beat and the impressive bars on Truth's verse that flow perfectly. The feature did okay, I guess. I liked the first half of his first verse but then it got a little off in the final half...he picked back up on the nice flow he had in the beginning of the third verse to the song, so all is well.

8. Dedication

Dedication is that type of music that has so much meaning and inspiration for the listener. This is where I feel he separates himself from other rappers in his area and my own. This isn't the type of talent or subject matter you expect to hear from a someone at his current level.

9. Lifted ft./ Myneiss

My first impressions were something from early Big Sean. Even his flow sounded like early B-I-G as well. Once again though, the way he raps and covers certain topics, while also making an easy song to bob your head back and forth to, isn't something you see a lot these days. That feature verse was ASS though bruh....come on, son. I felt like he read an inspirational children's doctor suess book.

10. No Words ft./ Livesosa

This shit was hot. This is that anthem for heading to the party or club or somewhere; that living the good life type shit. Dude on the hook was definitely trying to show off for sure too.

11. Ghost

The message is simple really; Truth is on another level. He's perfectly fine with it being him against everyone else, he'll still like his chances.

12. Rillos Interlude

Getting back into that weird beat selection and crooning in certain parts again but I like the lyrics once again.

13. Fear

I mean...anyone who knows me, knows I can't be mad at this beat. 

Too many niggas....not enough hoesssssssssss......Im going big...suck my dick

That was a long cough, my bad.

Now see I dont mind when someone uses someone else's creation. Of course, I only truly appreciate it when someone shows their own creativity and makes their own song(in this example) out of it. I believe he did just that with this song.

14. Swag Cookin ft./ Bobby Fisha and Mugz

Son got them one fish two fish, red fish blue fish ass niggas on the track again, but the track goes hard.

15. Shadows ft./ Daviglio

A message to his brother and a song about him dealing with all the natural responsibilities of being the older sibling. There's also a hint of tragedy in this song as well.

16. Fall

Even though I made fun of it a bit back in 'Dear Bailey' I do enjoy hearing the person use someone else's perspective to tell a first-person story. This is one of my favorite songs on the album actually. It tells the stories and then doesnt stay past its welcome.

17. Outro

To finish off the album, he wanted to leave a message for everyone to let them know he himself isn't finished. I feel like it is a combination of What They Deserve and Dedication mixed together. However, it has just enough to set itself apart from the  other two.

Truth did a good job of trying to make sure the album covers a lot of good topics and each song not sounding completely the same as the other. I didn't make fun of it much either so that's a good thing. For it to be at this level and so early in Truth's career, I'm highly-anticipating his future work, so that I can witness how much he grows and see how far he goes. 

9 out of 10