Wednesday, April 29, 2015

2015 NFL Mock Draft


So here I am, bored as hell before I have to go to work. So, I really want to get a bit away from music reviews because I see myself as a versatile writer. Okay....Im just being lazy with my Wale Album About Nothing review; I admit it.

Here we are ONE day from the NFL Draft and I remembered writing my predictions for last year around this same time. So why not do the second edition of my probably HORRIBLE mock drafts.

1. With the first pick.....

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers take.....

Jameis Winston, QB

Sure, it's a risk....but hey, man...we're talking about probably the best QB prospect since RG3 Andrew Luck. When you have the opportunity to get the guy who can lead your offense for the next 10+ years, you better take him. At least, that's how the Bucs feel in this situation.

2. The Tennessee Titans select...

Marcus Mariota, QB
Whether it's actually the Titans who take him or not...I'm predicting he will end up being the second pick regardless. Now, there is a lot of smokescreens going on but at the same time, the league is QB hungry and the prospects after these two aren't exactly that great. Titans....take the guy and either have him compete with Mettenberger OR dont have him compete with Mettenberger and instead have everyone compete for his services and take the best offer. *cough* as long as it's the Eagles *cough* huh, what?

3. The Jacksonville Jaguars *pfft* select....

who cares they're still gonna be bad....

but probably Amari Cooper, WR
Lord let us all gather together and pray 
for this poor young man's future

Okay I'm way too hard on them, Im sorry. I dont mean it....kinda. Here is my reasoning for taking a WR. A. Give Bortles another target. B. They lost a guy in free agency C. Another guy keeps getting in trouble because of drugs and since Dion Jordan just got suspended for the whole season, the NFL seems to be coming down on these guys pretty hard lately(which will probably have a huge effect on where guys who have gotten in trouble before in the draft). Then I say they pick the best OL available to protect Bortles so he can get the ball to Cooper.


Leonard Williams, DL
Damn bro its not that bad....

I mean this just makes sense to me. When the best prospect slides to you and you could use gotta take him. So the Raiders actually decide to have two good drafts in a row and actually get a good player. Maybe they'll actually finish out of the AFC West basement in the next couple of years; who knows? 

5. Washington Redskins pick...

Dante Fowler, EDGE rusher
So I mean theyre already really good on the DL....but I dont think they reach for an offensive line here. However, I do think it would make sense for the Redskins to either trade up or down here and either get something that they need more. In this mock draft(god Im doing so horrible already -_-) I have them taking Fowler though.

6. The New York Jets select...

Brandon Scherff, OL
Todd Bowles will probably want to trade up or down as well and help build his team more. However, since they cant move up to get a different QB, how about they get a guy who is versatile and can at least help protect the one they have now? Brandon Scherff can be a tackle or a guard IMO but he'll probably fit better as a G. However, he can help the Jets a lot.

7. The Chicago Bears take....

Trae Waynes, CB
I dont even know what Im doing anymore be honest...they just lost Charles Tillman and they NEED to replace him. I mean I get that Kevin White's teeth gap is just chilling there like DUDE wtf? And Brandon Marshall is now gone...and you still have the double chin wonder at QB and they need to do something but.....Chicago has needs on defense more. Defense wins championships....and they have dominated with great defenses/not so great offenses before. Also, they have to face this guy named Aaron Rodgers twice a year....and Megatron is a still a beast along with the QB throwing at him still being pretty good.

8. Atlanta Falcons select....

Vic Beasley, EDGE Rusher
My three favorite prospects are Marcus Mariota, Kevin White(who for some reason still isnt taken...sheesh Im an idiot) and Vic Beasley. The Falcons need to do two things in no specific order, but they need to do it: Protect their QB and get to the QB. It just so happens Beasley slid to them here and I have to say this makes a lot of sense. I agree with this decision. So....I think my buddy will be happy with this guy....if he makes it there.

9. The New York Giants select....

Andrus Peat, OT
You have the still have a serviceable QB(could look to draft the future one later in this draft)...gotta protect them. They REALLY need a MLB imo....but I think this is way too early for the best available.


Todd Gurley, RB
So a big reason Nick Foles was so good was A. Chip's system and B. One of, if not the best RBs being there to hand the ball off to. So the Rams decide to bolster

11. The Minnesota Vikings select...

Kevin Johnson, CB
Remember how I mentioned the Bears have to cover Megatron and the receivers that A Rod are throwing to? The Vikings have to do the same thing. Kevin Johnson has climbed boards the most and I think he's the most overlooked CB in the draft. This could also be Marcus Peters but I dont think they want to take the chance on his attitude.

12. The Cleveland Browns somehow get....

Kevin White, WR
Do I really need to explain this pick? I mean only thing I feel bad about is that he has no one to throw to him.

13. The Saints select....

Bud Dupree, DE/OLB
I dont know anything about this dude...but he's been climbing draft boards and the Saints could use one. I think Randy Gregory and Shane Ray will slide more and more so this guy will jump in front.

14. The Miami Dolphins take...

TJ Clemmings, OT
Gotta protect your QB. That's all there is to it.

15. The San Francisco 49ers pick...

Danny Shelton, NT
This was mainly between Arik Armstead and Shelton. Honestly, the 49ers can go anywhere in this draft because they need to do anything and everything they can do to catch up with the Seattle Seahawks. Honestly, this spot helps close up the line for Marshawn Lynch...and helps the rest of the line get to Russel Wilson as well. They need to get to Nick Foles and the Rams new RB Todd Gurley as it just makes sense. DL is a need all around; why not take the best one available.

16. The Houston Texans select...

Devante Parker, WR
Andre Johnson, he is not! However he is a good guy to help replace him. He slid a bit but that's okay for the Texans. Im sure they'd be very pleased for this to happen.

17. The San Diego Chargers take...

Ereck Flowers, OT
Now, Melvin Gordon is a big possibility here for me...but they also need to protect the running back and Philip Rivers. So...enter Ereck Flowers to block for the next ten years.

18. Big Red selects

Whoever he thinks is the best OL available
Im gonna say that is
La' El Collins, OL
Andy Reid's QB got sacked a lot last year. He also loves drafting linemen. It just makes sense here. With L' El Collins, You can put him inside or out and then help Alex Smith get more throws out to guys like Jeremy Maclin and maybe that also translates into more TDs for WRs.

19. The Cleveland Browns second first pick goes to...

Arik Armstead, DT/DE
So the Cleveland Browns gave their QB a target they get a guy who can get to the quarterback of the other team. It doesnt matter's the Browns after all.

20. The Philadelphia Eagles select

Dude...I have no clue man...

To be honest...I think the Eagles will do everything they can to either move up or down in the draft...up for Mariota..down for the best player at WR, S, CB or OL

Since there arent any trades in this...Im going with

Jake Fisher, OL
A. The Eagles need a guard NOW.
B. The Eagles need OL depth NOW
C. The Eagles OL is getting old.
D. The Eagles will probably trade down or up like I said
E. Chip knows Jake Fisher, Jake fits the system, Jake went to Oregon
Whatever, dude lol....I dont know what Chip is dont know what chip is thinking....ONLY CHIP knows what Chip is thinking.

21. Cincinatti Bengals go....

Landon Collins, S
He's the best safety available, the Bengals need a safety....I think he could be better than both HaHa and Mark for sure.

22. Pittsburgh Steelers select

 Marcus Peters, CB
Steelers know how to handle attitudes and all that...they're getting the ACTUAL best CB available in the WHOLE draft imo....and they NEED to get better any way they can.

23. The Detroit Lions select

DJ Humphries
They could use a linemen....and he could help. Give Stafford more time so he can pass it to Calvin Johnson.

24. The Arizona Cardinals select

Eric Kendricks, LB

The Cardinals need to focus on keeping their QB safe as well. However, they also need an ILB and Eric Kendricks is the best available.The Butkus award winner will help their defense instantly.

25. Carolina Panthers

Jalen Collins, CB

He definitely slides to them and he will helpthem. The reason I feel he slides to this is due to the lack of experience starting for LSU. At 25, you just cant help but take a chance when you need a corner.

26. Baltimore Ravens select.....

Tre' Jackson

27. Dallas Cowboys select

Melvin Gordon, RB

That AMAZING OL has someone to block for.

28. Broncos

Jordan Phillips, NT

29. Colts select

Demarious Randall

30. Packers

Owamagbe Odighizuwa, DE

31. New Orleans Saints

Ronald Darby, CB

32. New England Patriots

Shane Ray, DE

The Pats take advantage of a player who is sliding for something thats happened a while ago.