Monday, February 15, 2016

Deadpool Movie Review

Here is my first review of 2016, I'll even try not to spoil anything for you guys, because I know how HORRIBLY WORLD ENDING they are :D
I've been waiting for this movie, for quite some time. I've never quite reviewed a movie like it, so I'm going to write this review a little different than I usually do. Let's all enjoy the ride. The Deadpool fans haven't had it easy; as you may know, they had to deal with this monstrosity.

Yup, what other possible way can we nail the guy, commonly referred to as, "The Merc with a Mouth" by not letting him have a mouth? And being able to shoot lasers from his eyes? Cyclops style. Yuck.

Times aren't so bad anymore, though. In fact, that version of Deadpool is just part of what made this one so good. Without that Deadpool, we wouldn't have had this one. They got it right this time. The movie itself wasn't perfect, but the portrayal of each character was great. Ryan Reynolds is meant to play Wade Wilson, much akin to Hugh Jackman to Wolverine or Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark. From the beginning, you know we're in for a very different ride from the X-Men Origins character. Deadpool made fun of itself, as well as it did everything else. To be honest, this is the first time people have a reason to be happy that Disney/Marvel doesn't have rights to a character. If anyone could've messed up the Deadpool character even more than before, it would've been Disney. With being owned by FOX, Tim Miller, a first-time director, could really give the character what he deserves.

From the get-go it announces "British villain" and "angsty teenage girl" are in the introduction credits, instead of the names of the actors. Which, this is a very unconventional way of doing things, also know as, typical Deadpool. The test footage, released a year or two back, where he's chasing those guys in the SUV, yup, that's the beginning. Which is oddly enough, one of my only problems with the film, but also, one of my favorites. The marketing for the film was some of the best in a long time. Unfortunately, it's a double-edged sword. Where many films don't do enough, with their marketing, or perhaps send too little information, disguising what the film is actually about; Deadpool's doesn't do this, it shows you A LOT of what Deadpool is about, maybe too much. Many big parts were given away by the trailers and sneak peeks. Despite that, there was plenty to enjoy from the film, including the jokes, which of all the comic book movies, easily had the funniest.

If you're someone who gets offended, do not go see this movie, because there is a lot of crude humor here. If you're a person that likes to take things very seriously, do not go see this movie. The film is definitely raunchy and there are tons of fart, sex, poop, etc. jokes. If you don't listen and you still see this film, don't worry, it makes fun of you too and it will let you know about it. The jokes are relentless too, Deadpool hits you with them faster than most dedicated comedies have in recent memory.

Another thing Deadpool did the best, was its Stan Lee cameo. It was expected that he would be in it, but the way Miller and Reynolds decided to go about it wasn't. Never would you predict this guy who was so important in the comic universe play a strip club DJ, which mind you, HAD nudity! Another thing I enjoyed is the Deadpool take on the after-credits scene, so popular among comic book movies, now. It was expected that Deadpool would have one and that he would probably make fun of after-credit scenes, but the reference to Ferris Bueller's day off, was a great way to do it.

Unfortunately, there are some boring parts in the film, although necessary. Part of the movie is to make fun of the superhero movie and also the love story at the same time. So, it builds the relationship between Wade and Vanessa before he ultimately discovers his cancer. This IS an origin story and a lot of people dislike this. However, the way they handle it is good because the origin is mixed in to match what's going on present day, instead of just doing everything in chronological order. This helps the pacing quite a bit, but still, some of it could be taken out and replaced with more Deadpool mayhem. Although, it's very beneficial that Disney didn't make this movie, you would think they did, with how lacking the main villains were. Of course, this movie was about showing off Deadpool and they did give that to the fans.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that there isn't enough great things that I can say about Deadpool. Deadpool is like that life-threatening disease you needed to appreciate life more. Deadpool is pretty much like having a kid with some bitch you met at a party, but then it makes you become a man and get your life together. We went through so much, to get to this point and now, we're being prized for our patience! Deadpool isn't for everyone, some people will hate the jokes, others will love every one. Hell, I bet no matter who you are, something will make you feel uncomfortable. Yet, this is the movie we've all been waiting for and a great way to start 2016 off. I guess what I really have to say is...

Deadpool gets....
an A out of 10.