Wednesday, May 7, 2014

2014 NFL Mock Draft

It is here again, ladies and gentlemen. The NFL Draft. This is probably one of the deepest I have seen in years. Every year around this time, plenty of rumors are coming out about how teams want this guy and hate this guy. This team is so interested in a guy, they're going to trade up. However, this is funny season. So, from an unbiased standpoint, I'm going to write my mock draft based on what makes sense for each team and also how they've drafted in the past. I wont predict any trades because I dont want give away my psychic abilities(you see I'm comfortable with throwing that out there because I know you wont believe me). So, here we go.

With the first pick....

1. Houston Texans
DE Jadeveon Clowney

When youre in my mock draft and you cant trade back, you just CAN NOT pass up a player like Clowney. The man is a freak of nature. They can get a good quarterback later. They cant get a pass rusher like Clowney, later. That is a FACT. I've said before in my Eagle's Schedule Predictions that I think the Texans of this year, remind me of the Eagles last year. I still think that. Instead of picking an athletic OL, They go with the most athletic DL here. The Texans have to go against Andrew Luck twice a year. So, they have to make his life hell, somehow. Clowney can help with that.

2. St. Louis Rams
OT Greg Robinson

I feel that the Rams could be SO good. The problem is their starting QB is always getting injured. So, to protect him, they have to go with who I believe is the offensive line equivalent to Jadeveon Clowney. This is another pick that could be sold to the highest bidder and then the Rams pick up a WR, S or QB with the pick they receive. Yet, as I have stated before, there are no trades in this mock. This guy is big and has a whole bunch of upside. He WILL get better at pass protection and they will become a whole lot better in the run game as well.

3. Jacksonville Jaguars
QB Johnny Manziel

Cmon bro, dont look like that. They're...uhh..okay....kinda.

That's also the face the Jaguars made when they witnessed the Texans take Jadeveon Clowney. Ahh....who cares? They get Manziel instead. He isnt my favorite QB in the draft. A lot of people think that he'll be the next Tim Tebow. I cant agree with that statement. #1 guess who won the Super Bowl this year. Guess how tall their QB is. Guess who the defensive coordinator of that team was before coming to the Jaguars. Some fun facts for you. Johnny Manziel lead all QBs last year with a 73.5% completion percentage. Last year, Manziel had a below average amount of passes batted down at the O Line. Blake Bortles was above average. QBs of 6'2'' or shorter had a smaller percentage of their passes batted down than QBs 6'3'' or taller. Manziel has the same hand size of Cam Newton. His hands are also bigger than RG3, Matt Ryan, Derek Carr, Teddy Briedgewater and Colin Kaepernick. Two years ago, guess who had the third biggest hands in the NFL Draft of all QBs? Thats right, the guy that won the Super Bowl. Numbers dont lie.

4. Cleveland Browns
OL Jake Matthews

Once again, they can get a quarterback later on. They cant get a lineman of THIS caliber, though. Jake Matthews had to protect that QB everyone loves to hate, just a pick ago. Johnny Manziel probably had a lot of his success because of this guy being that protector. So whoever that QB is later on, he can feel safe knowing the guy protecting him is Jake Matthews! Put him in on the right side and him and Joe Thomas will be taking care of the QB to be, for years to come. 

5. Oakland Raiders
WR Sammy Watkins

This is what the Raiders are doing when Watkins falls into their lap, sprint to make the pick before someone changes their mind. NO it is not because they love speed either. Watkins is the closest wide receiver to Megatron since he went to the Lions. The funny thing about that is one, he is only 6'1'' and he hasn't reached his ceiling either. The Raiders solidified their line and they need someone else for their now protected QB to throw to, other than Denarius Moore. This guy will be fun to watch for years to come.

6. Atlanta Falcons
OLB Khalil Mack

Once again the Falcons should be running up to the podium to pick this guy. He is the best player available. He fills a need. He IS a fit. Make the switch to the 3-4 defense with who they got in FA and have this guy help your defense. The Falcons are decent on offense once everyone is back healthy. However, someone needs to get to Drew Brees, somebody needs to contain Cam Newton. That could be Mack. So you couldn't trade up and get Jadeveon Clowney? Oh well. You got this guy instead! That is one hell of a consolation prize.

7. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
TE Eric Ebron

I wanted to go with Jerry Ricecakes here SO BAD! But they dont need a WR. So, probably the biggest athlete of all time, is going to continue to fall. They do however, need a TE. Eric Ebron is going to be a difference in this league. He will be the next Vernon Davis without the early attitude problems. Look at that catch! Man oh man!

8. Minnesota Vikings
QB Teddy Bridgewater

I dont know what is happening to this guy's draft stock but it has decreased and decreased. I dont think he deserves it. He's the closest thing to Aaron Rodgers and the most NFL ready QB in this draft. Ponder isnt the answer and neither is Matt Cassell. Let this guy battle for a starting spot and give a pretty good receiving corps a pretty good quarterback. AND PLEASE....let the man wear his gloves.

9. Buffalo Bills
LB CJ Mosley

See look...they even already have his jersey photoshopped. It just works. After missing out on Khalil Mack and Eric Ebron, the Bills will take their need and once again the best player available. He is another guy who I just cant place why he is sliding in mocks....but he doesnt in mine. He's talented and a great leader. Bills always need any help they can get. Why? Tom Brady. That's why. And when CJ Mosley can learn in his early years, going against one of the greatest QBs of all time, that is a great blessing for him and his future.

10. Detroit Lions
WR Mike Evans

It was between him and Justin Gilbert. The Lions pick Evans because they saw how it benefited the Bears last year with Brandon Marshall and Alshon Jeffrey. Imagine Calvin Johnson on one side, Evans on the other and Golden Tate in the slot, with Reggie Bush in the backfield. That is one set offense and one happy quarterback.

11. Tennessee Titans
HaSean Clinton-Dix

So, Titans always need help, everywhere. Plain and simple. Give them a safety that can help compete against Andrew Luck. Also known as HaHa, Clinton-Dix is a great midfielder with great range. He also has made some good plays against the run. Alabama always has great defenses, but sometimes they dont always translate well into the league. HaSean will.

12. New York Giants
OT Taylor Lewan

Defense is a possibility here. As I said before, the Giants defense isn't really that scary in my Eagles Schedule Prediction. I also stated that if Super Eli returns, their season could be a different story. If they want Super Eli to return, they need to protect him. Taylor Lewan is the best choice for that. 

13. St Louis Rams
QB Blake Bortles' girlfriend

And Bortles himself as well, I guess. I mean...the guy can OBVIOUSLY make good decisions. Why wouldn't you invest in someone that Greg Robinson can protect for the next ten years? This guy is the next Ben Roethlisberger...and with a girlfriend like're not going to have to worry about any sexual assault charges.

14. Chicago Bears
DT Aaron Donald

The Bears need someone to help them in every aspect of the defense. Aaron Donald is that guy. He will help the rest of the DL, the LBs and the CBs. It all starts at the line and with Donald, you get a great player who can play!

15. Pittsburgh Steelers
CB Justin Gilbert

The defensive backfield over there is getting a little old. So, they help sure up their future with a guy who probably shouldn't have slid this low in the first place. Justin Gilbert is what you look for in a cornerback and hasn't hit his ceiling yet. 8-8 for the team with the highest amount of super bowl rings is unacceptable. This will be a great start towards helping that record out.

16. Dallas Cowboys
CB Kyle Fuller

The most NFL ready CB is Kyle Fuller. They need him bad. They have to go against the talented receiving corp of the other three teams in their division. Kyle Fuller does that. He's a steal at this point. I think he's better than Darqueze Dennard as well.

17. Baltimore Ravens
WR Marqise Lee

Give that man some more people to throw to. PLEASE! Jadeveon Clowney was pretty non-existent in 2013, but he did have one HELL of a 2012. If he can be the #1 pick in this draft, Marqise Lee can be the 17th. Give him a good quarterback and let him show everyone what he can do.

18. New York Jets
CB Darqueze Dennard

They got their wide receiver, they have an okay line. Two QBs are going to battle it out. There's two picks I am looking at here. CB or OL. Zack Martin is a possibility, but they need to replace Cromartie. This guy will make their CB corp one of the strongest in the league, which they need if they're going to go against the Patriots. Dennard doesnt get beat deep, ever. 

19. Miami Dolphins
OL Zack Martin

Put him anywhere on the line and you're good to go. They're decent anywhere else but maybe RB. They could use him. Not much else to say. 

20. Arizona Cardinals
QB Derek Carr 

Carson Palmer isnt going to play forever. The Cardinals will need to think about the future. So here, they pick their future quaterback because they most likely wont get the chance to get a QB as good as him, later on. 

21. Green Bay Packers
Calvin Pryor

He pretty much falls in their laps here. He is the perfect guy for them at 21. The Predator look-alike, the Louisville Slugger. This guy will help Green Bay on D a lot. He'll knock out his opponents and he'll keep offensive coordinators up all night. Packers run to the podium after this one.

22. Philadelphia Eagles
OLB Anthony Barr

This is what Chip Kelly yells for them to do when they see he makes it to them at 22. Alright, I admit it...I think if he makes it to the Cowboys, they'll take him. This is my mock draft though dammit. He's a PERFECT pick for them. And people have been reporting he has been sliding. I dont agree with it too much though. Tall, fast, hasnt reached his ceiling. Perfect pick here.

23. Kansas City Chiefs
DT Stephon Tuitt

Andy Reid loves him some linemen. I mean he REALLY values them. Plus, he likes to reach. Im sure Big Red sees the chance to draft Tuitt and he's salivating. After making an order to the nearest barbecue spot. Andy makes the call to Stephon next. Not like its a bad pick or anything. I just dont think he will get a WR because thats what Andy Reid does.

24. Cincinnati Bengals
LB Ryan Shazier

Best player available and fills a need. Throw him on any LB spot on the defense and he'll produce for you. I see him as a Mychal Kendricks type of guy. He'll be a beast. Roby is also a possibility but.....

25. San Diego Chargers
CB Bradley Roby

The Chargers get him instead. Once again the best player available, fits perfectly for the need on the team. Plus, some people think he's better than Justin Gilbert. 

26. Cleveland Browns
RB Carlos Hyde

The Browns need to get the right RB this time. They can get their QB next pick which isn't too far away. Carlos Hyde will be the RB that finds his way into the first round. I couldnt help but having three Ohio St. players getting drafted in a streak. 

27. New Orleans Saints
CB Jason Verrett

Put him with Jairus Byrd and you have a great defensive backfield. The Saints know how to pick players and they will get the best guy available. Thats Jason Verrett, who I believe will be the next Asante Samuel. 

28. Carolina Panthers
WR Odell Beckham Jr.

Can you think of a more perfect guy to replace Steve Smith? Can you think of a more perfect guy to pick? This is who Andy Reid should've picked, but nope he's too smart for you. This is who the Panthers will be happy they see available. Although under 6' he has the leap of someone many inches taller. He fights for the ball. He can kick return it. He fits. Do I really need to explain myself further?

29. New England Patriots
DE Kony Ealy

It seems that someone of a high caliber ALWAYS falls to the Patriots. That continues here with Kony Ealy. He'll be an instant starter and will benefit greatly from being on that team. I hate saying this. I hate the Patriots. However, I respect the Patriots and I accept this as a certain truth. Could also be a WR as well.

30. San Francisco 49ers
DT Louis Nix III

The Niners are a smart team. Somebody has to help slow down Beast Mode. This guy will be given the opportunity to do so. He is a lot leaner than he was in school and is fully healthy after his injury. If he never got injured, he'd probably get drafted sooner. The 49ers dont complain.
31. Denver Broncos
DT RaShede Hageman

They could take some other positions here, but I think Hageman is the best player available, which is who they'd want to take. After a crazy free agency, they continue to make the defense better. I think Sua-Filo is also a possibility though.
32. Seattle Seahawks
WR Brandin Cooks

After losing Golden Tate, they pick up a guy who's probably better than Tate could wish to be. Their defense is set! They extended Earl Thomas and Richard Sherman. They won the Super Bowl, they're living good. They had to have seen this guy play. Oregon isnt too far away. So they take a chance on the speedy guy. 

So thats it...

I would've liked to do a full one, but its getting a little late. Perhaps after the first round is finished I'll continue from the points that were actually made. Thank you for your time and I hoped you enjoyed it! Join me for my next article soon!