Saturday, May 3, 2014

Donald Sterling Scandal Reaction

This is an open-minded look at the situation with Donald Sterling and how we, the people, are reacting to it. I have spent much time voicing my opinions and feelings on the subject and would like to say I apologize if anything that follows offends anyone. I do not support Donald Sterling. I write this to inspire thinking and conversation. Not to hurt anyone's feelings. I'm not responsible for how you feel about it though and I dont speak for you in this article or even my initial reaction. Before I continue, I'd like to say I was just as enraged as many others when I first heard of this. However, I always take the time to look at things logically.

If you've kept yourself off of the internet, television and anything for the past few days, let me catch you up on what's going on. Donald Sterling is a former attorney who owns, or owned(depending on when you read this and what the NBA Owner vote decided)the Los Angeles Clippers. Donald Sterling was recorded telling his girlfriend not to bring any black people to his games, especially Magic Johnson. He also stated he doesnt have any problems with black people. He just doesnt want her to "broadcast them".

Now, no one situation that happens should decide what or who a man is, as a whole, especially if its being racist. Thing is, this dude has been in to this kind of situation before. In 2006, he was accused of not renting to non-Koreans in Koreatown and African-Americans in Beverly Hills. Supposedly, he said that "Hispanics smoke and drink and hang around the building" and that "black tenants smell and attract vermin." Not enough? In 2009, he was sued by a Clippers' executive for employment discrimination involving age and race. Once again, supposedly, Sterling is said to have wanted his team full of "poor black boys from the South" and a "white head coach."
So what do you think? Three strikes, hes out? Or no? Well whatever your beliefs are, you're free to have them. As he is, his. Oh wait....he paid in fines over the years for this. And what did he have to say about his recent accusations of being racist? He said he isnt racist.

Alright this is the last time I make a joke out of this.

So is he racist? To me? Yeah. Obviously, he doesnt realize he is. This is normal to him. Does a lunatic know they're a lunatic? Does a pedophile know they're a pedophile? Sandusky still says he's innocent. In his mind, I'm sure he is. That doesnt mean they aren't these things. I dont condone this man's actions, I dont support him. But lets crawl into the cobwebs of this old man's mind. See Donnie was once a young spoiled brat who was the apple of his parents' eyes. At that that time, this kid was taught black people were beneath him. He's just acting as he was taught. It is a part of who he is. Im sure the dude has done some good things as well. I just cant find anything. And so because of this mindset...and his actions, he was sanctioned.
As of April 29th 2014, Adam Silver banned Donald Sterling from pretty much everything in the NBA following the stand Los Angeles Clippers took and the outcry by fans. No Clipper's games, no decision-making, no board of governor meetings. Nadda.....its over Donnie. Or is it?
What is really over? This man's feelings? His racist mindset?
I honestly dont think so. You cant really punish a person's thoughts and feelings out of them. They're still going to feel that way afterward. I cant speak for anyone else. I can only speak for myself. Maybe everyone who is in support of this just wants to know he is out of their sport so they can be comfortable again. I dont know.
Immediately occurring after the announcement was a vote by 29 other team owners to decide whether Sterling has to sell the Clippers or not. I'm not against this but what will that do? I assume the vote will go through as I am writing this prior to it being done. Maybe, I over think these types of things. But....I mean this dude is going to make money off of his punishment. Does that make much sense? Like I said, maybe all you want is for the dude to be away from the sport you love. If thats how you feel, good for you. You got your wish, we can move on in life.
Here's the thing...why? Why do we really want Donald Sterling sanctioned by the NBA? Is it right? Probably. Would it make us feel good? Yeah. But what did we do there? We got someone to handle our problems for us. Were we not capable of doing something on our own? Why did we need Adam Silver to ban him? So he can hide? Why might I ask do we want him to hide? Wouldn't you rather know who you're dealing with? I sure would. Put him out there. Now he's banned and out of site. Which also makes him out of mind. The NBA goes back to happy lala land, where amazing happens and everyone loves one another and butterflies fly free. 

It is a good look. And Silver represented himself and the NBA well. As it should be or appear to be. Basketball is one of the most popular sports in the world and the NBA brings players from all sorts of different ethnic backgrounds. This definitely needed to be done for the best of the NBA's reputation. So its not a bad decision, by any means.
The Clippers themselves were going to boycott the playoffs until Chris Paul and Doc Rivers convinced them to play. Honestly, those two are getting a little too much hate, but its pretty obvious what they care about, rings and money. To continue, I feel if players want to play, they should play, no matter what. They are free to do whatever they please. Yet, this is how you follow up the actions to make a stand?

 That'll show em.
They turn their warm ups inside out and throw them on the floor. There is no limit or requirement to make a stand. Yet, this seemed a little week. However, comparing this situation to what Muhammad Ali, Malcolm X, Martin Luther King, etc. went through and how they took their own stands are a little off. So, I guess it kind of evens out, in the end.
And it worked, right? Everything is cool again, as I said why do I keep on bringing up the same question? 

I feel everything should be fine from here on out as far as THIS situation goes. And if you do too....then I invite you to stop reading this. However, if you want to dive a little deeper into it with me. Continue on...
All of the things that Donald Sterling are, stupid arent one of them. You dont become a billionaire, if you're stupid. That man is brilliant and has friends in high places. Rich people stay rich. Im not suggesting any conspiracy is going on but there are some funny coincidences going on here. Lets start with the numbers. In 1981, Donald Sterling acquired the Clippers for 12.5 million dollars. Before the playoffs started. I saw on ESPN that the Clippers were worth around 500 million dollars. Right after the recording was released, they were talking about the Clippers being worth 900 million. Now, there are talks that its worth 1-1.5 billion dollars. How does it go up in value so fast? Demand, perhaps? Amazing how many people are rushing to pay the man they hated and is supposed to be getting punished right now.
My next topic is V. Stiviano. The girlfriend.
 Anyone else think she looks like the chick at the end of Trilogy of Terror?

UPDATE 5/3/2014: Stiviano said in an interview that Sterling is not racist. Sterling has also been rumored to stating that he should've paid her off.
Tell me something. What benefit does this chick have of exposing her sugar daddy? Why would a chick who was smart enough to get with a highly successful man, who could've picked any of the gold diggers out there, now cut off her supply of all the nice things he was being able to get her? What man is she going to get that from now? Any man that sees that is thinking " ass isnt getting recorded" 
Maybe the attention is all she thinks about. Why would a woman who has everything she needs going to put that in danger though? The answer is.....she wouldn't unless she got paid. If you listened to the recording, the whole point to the conversation is because she's broadcasting herself all over instagram and Donald Sterling's friends are contacting him about it. Next point. 
Who are these friends? You dont think there are a few other NBA owners that were calling him? You think theres no other old white guy who was brought up the same way he was and now owns a basketball team? I'm sure they do. Whether they were friends with him or not....they definitely know this guy. They saw him at all the areas that he was banned during Adam Silver's PC afterwards. Someone had to know how the dude was and probably felt the same way. You've probably seen this type of situation before. Sometimes a dear friend gets into big trouble. As a friend, whos in charge, you make a deal with them to have an early retirement. Of course, that retirement comes with a large sum of money, possibly to keep quiet, for peaceful purposes. Way I see it, Donald Sterling is just taking the fall to cover something else up. Also, Donald Sterling is said to have cancer. Perhaps, Donald Sterling already planned on selling the team and wanted to maximize profit. I'm not saying this was all planned from the start but as I've mentioned before, rich people know how to stay rich. Maybe Sterling was just waiting on the perfect time to make a move. So the guy gets banned and now has to pay 2.5 million dollars in fines. How would you feel about paying 2.5 million dollars if you were about to make 1 billion off the same people who want you out so much? I'd be perfectly fine with that.
Get "shunned" by everyone, make 1 billion dollars now, since people are in such a hurry to get you out of the NBA, all while thinking because it is the right thing to do. Then, go hide and live some happy years, while everyone forgets about everything you did, because they're too focused on Basketball and it being the peaceful, perfect lala land, that everyone wanted. Sounds like a good idea to me.
That is why I dont think Stiviano is that stupid. She said herself, thats her friend, shes his confidant. While everyone is thinking she is stupid....she's banking with her man. So what if the man's wife takes half. Now, you made exactly what the Clippers were worth not too long ago.
I hope I'm wrong. I hope its just the Conspiracy Theorist in me. But its always a possibility. Plus, we always talk about how every aspect of the NBA(especially the Playoffs) is rigged.

Earlier, I asked if there was anything else we could've done as people. We could've. We can. I feel we depend on those who are in charge way too much to get things done. We, the have nots, can be so powerful, but we don't know it. As sad as Adam Silver was that a man gave the NBA a bad look. I guarantee he felt great to be needed. Isn't that what people who are in charge need? To be needed?
When something bad happens, or something I dont agree with. Generally, I ignore it or dont acknowledge it, as that gives that situation power over me. I think a bigger stand was to be us stand together, ourselves and not go to the games, nor support them. Yeah...the players deserve our support. And the players who did play, wouldn't need it. If we stopped going to the games and the games were still going on, those players were still going to need to get paid. Who's paying them? Donald Sterling. Who isnt making money off the fans, who aren't in the seats, to cover the money he paid the players? Donald Sterling. Wouldn't that be a bigger statement? Instead, all I hear from everyone is they needed to do something because they wouldn't feel comfortable going to or watching the Clippers games. Then we just could've NOT gone. Racism is alive and well....and punishing them and letting them go into hiding is just showing other racists as long as they dont get caught or act like they arent, they can live perfectly fine. As I said, I'd rather know who I'm dealing with so I can avoid them, or know what I have to deal with when Im forced to work with that person.
That's just me. I just feel we should depend more on ourselves when we have these sort of issues in life. We have the power.

This isn't about black people, this is about the people. This is about a man who has embarrassed us all. This man holds back the human race with his idea of anyone who isnt white. He's so out of touch that he feels everyone feels the same way he does. You can't teach a guy like this a lesson....he's been thinking that way for over 80 years. Some form of racism will always live but we can do something about it and we should. 

For evolution and growing as a race, I'm Brandon "Eazy" Moore and I wish you nothing but happiness, success and to always think outside the box. Love your life, chase your dreams and reach your dreams. Don't let anyone like Donald Sterling affect you.