Saturday, November 1, 2014

T.I. Paperwork Album Review

Im a huge T.I. fan. There was a time where he was in my top 5 favorites. I still believe he is very under-appreciated, but sure enough the top 5 talk has subsided. T.I. although rough in a lot of his music, he still shows how intelligent he is from his vocabulary. T.I. has done a lot; he was even floating fitted hats over his head, way before Bobby Shmurda ever did.

1. King

This is your typical, Im the best and I will do this and I will do that and I will do it as I please...even though he got caught doing stuff with Miss Piggy in jail multiple times and had to be punished accordingly. But hey...we're not going to hold that against Cliff....we all have our moments where we need a little something something. In a way it feels he's just trying to remind you of the good ol' days T.I.P. other than actually showing it with this song. There is a lot of "I will/would" instead of "I have/am". If you get what I'm saying. Some cool references and connections to the mafia and all that but it isnt like anyone has ever done that before..

2. G' Shit ft./ Jeezy and WatchTheDuck

This beat SCREAMS Pharrell and sure enough it is produced by the man himself. The trio of T.I., Jeezy and Watch The Duck(tf?) made a great feeling, coming of age in the hood, as a hustler story together. I have to say Jeezy and T.I. together is reaching AT LEAST Schoolboy Q and A$AP Rocky levels. I mean they aren't at Jada and The Ghost, Jigga and Yeezy or Run DMC levels yet...but they are a great team and they feed off each other well. 

3. About the Money ft./ Young Thug

Bustin' out the bando
A nigga jewelry real metal like a can opener
I went from rags to riches to a feature with Tip
I went from Smart Car to a bitch with some smart lips
And the F&N make my hip limp
I'm goin' fishin' with these little bitty shrimp dimps
And my bank roll got a big dip
She gon' bring it on a big ship
Quite trill, no Quik Trip
I got drugs in the alley, know Tip there
She just wanna have a good day
Smoke way more weed than a guy in L.A

I want them birds 'til next May
Never let em fly away

What!? Aye buddy, aye buddy 

That's the lyrics and a link to RapGenius to understand what the hell it is this...I dont even saying...because I know none of you could because I can't either. 

The funny thing is I actually feel the song as a whole. I mean maybe not being able to understand him is what makes Young Thug tolerable to his fans...does he have fans or just people in a trance? I dont know...but Im actually not going to take any points off. 

4. New National Anthem ft./ Skylar Grey

I like this song...and I love Skylar Grey on the chorus. This is a song about what America has become and how we are nothing like what this country originated from anymore. This is supposed to send that message to everyone and maybe make a change. It's supposed to stand against police brutality. It's supposed to stand for making a change. But I kind of feel an outside source forced the whole "guns are bad" talk. Other than that I approve of a deep song with meaning and attempting to get people thinking. Placing this song right after the Young Thug feature might actually be quite strategic as well.

5. Oh Yeah ft./ Pharrell

So after attracting some young people with a fun song about money, followed by something with a bit of meaning and to switch their way of thinking on something that ACTUALLY matters.....maybe they're starting to see things a bit differently and with this song T.I. is reestablishing himself as the man in charge and the best to follow. Or maybe Im totally just over-thinking here, which I probably am. I have to say I prefer this approach to showing he'll take any challenge or that he is the strongest over what he did with King earlier.

6. Private Show ft./ Chris Brown

It's hard to take over the world without any if you want to be with the King youre going to have to take it off for see although Clifford is quite the busy man challenging God for runner of the universe and all that, he still needs to spend all that money he makes off of hustling. So here he is with Chris Brown trying to show some coolness in the strip clubs. There's nothing like taking advantage of females with low enough self esteem to dance near nude for men, right? It's kind of cool though.

7. No Mediocre ft./ Iggy Azalea

Iggy Azalea knows what life is like in the hood. Everything in Australia is poisonous. On the toilets in America, we only worry about the STD Australia there are ACTUAL crabs on the toilet seats. I mean shit is real out here.

Bruh....look at the ferocity in dude's eyes at the end...
The song is just corney and too simple for my interests. Plain and simple

8. Jet Fuel ft./ Boosie Badazz

Tip and the walking spelling bee BLESSED this track, man. I mean sure, it's only about smoking the best weed but I'd prefer that over any other drug. The song is catchy. The flows utilized by Boosie and T.I. were perfect. 

9. Paperwork ft./ Pharrell

This song is filled with SOUL. Pharrell is PERFECT at making some old school, magical sounding music.

Sometimes too perfect.

And once again the team of T.I. and Pharrell make a great sounding song. The song is best described in the quote "money makes the world go around" and pretty much you need it to get the perfect life. 

10. Stay ft./ Victoria Monet

The songs are getting a lot better...but at this point Im a little burnt out on the low quality from previous tracks. This one is basically about him wanting to do anything he could to get her to "stay"...its a good song. I enjoyed it.

11. About My Issue ft./ Victoria Monet and Nipsey Hussle

About time Nipsey Hussle is on something! He saved the song IMO which the song is about taking every issue head on and even dying if they have to.

12. At Ya Own Risk ft./ Usher

See usually I despise this type of song here...but here I like it. See, he's pretty much telling this chick that even though she has a man it's okay to still come along with him...but SHE is the one that has to accept she's a whore, if she does so; I can live with that. Usher did his thing as well.

13. On Doe On Phil ft./ Trae The Truth

It was was really just bars to me; no set meaning to the song. Trae was the weak part of the song. He had to finish every bar with n*gga and it was pretty annoying. 

14. Light Em Up ft./ Pharrell and WatchTheDuck

Dedicated to his buddy Doe B...this is a song mourning for him and anyone who has lost someone who should still be here can relate. It was a story of memories with him and how they came to point of him passing away. Suffering can also truly be felt from the way each artist expresses themselves in each song.

15. Let Your Heart Go ft./ The Dream

The yup in the background wasn't needed. This song is connected to the last one in a way that even though he still grieves he's going to let life go on but never forget. I can never complain about two very deep songs in a row.

16. Sugar Cane

Nope not those kind of canes

I like the feel of the song but there isnt much I can say about it. What sounds like a TLC-esque bridge towards the ending, an uncredited singer sounded really good and made the song click.

17. I Dont Know

Actually kind of creative. The instant you hear this song you're expecting it to be just another song about how T.I. doesnt take shit from anyone. This is true...but it's even more true when it comes to his children. T.I. will defend/protect them at all costs, no matter what they think about it afterwards. I'm sure any parent can connect with this song.

18. You Can Tell How I Walk ft./ Rick Ross

Ricky's weight loss has him comfortable rapping about all sorts of different things now....including exercise and how he does it. However, he didn't take the time to shout out all the peach out there who helped him get where he is now. This is a good song and T.I. closes out somewhat like he opened...showing he's in charge and making the rules. Rick Ross put out some ignorance as usual. 

This was better than I thought it would be..the worst thing about it was that I got kind of tired of listening to it after a while.

5.5 out of 10